Laura Rachel; Newborn, Family & Women's Portraiture

Newborn Twins Photo Shoot

Laura Rachel is a newborn specialist & friendly family photographer.

She also offers a photo shoot experience for women, bringing out confidence & beautiful smiles.

Mother. 50 and fabulous. A classic beauty photo shoot

Make Over Sessions

This experience is mostly aimed at women but open to couples and families. The make over session is about pampering and feeling special.

Some women spend their whole lives caring for others, whether it's their children or families. So this time it's time to all be about you. Take some time out for yourself.

Have your hair and make up done and be posed in flattering and beautiful poses. Create stunning works of art for you and your family.

The images are really gentle, natural and all about classic beauty.

You can have the shoot alone, being a friend or sister or even the whole family. Make it all about embracing what you have and enjoy being you.

It's not about photoshop. It's about the true you.

When was the last time you were professionally photographed?


Newborn and mother first photo shoot natural light

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is slowly becoming more and more popular and recognised as an art form. Laura has been on workshops from some of the best newborn photographers around the world who produce stunning images of newborn babies. It's such an amazing part of life and she wants to create art for you. To preserve those memories of 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes and blissfully sleeping away.

They grow up so quickly! If you're interested in a Newborn Shoot, the best time is up to 14 days old.

Laura puts safety first, so all images are captured in a warm environment and with natural or artifical light (no flash), to ensure they don't wake up during the session and to protect their delecate newborn eyes.





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