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I don't live in Milton Keynes, can you do our Engagement Shoot where we live? Yes but we will need to charge expenses as the engagement photo shoot is complimentary. However we can put together a price that covers the expenses and the images on USB.

What do I get on my Wedding Photography USB?
You will receive every image we edit. There is normally between 400-600 images on the USB, depending on which package you go for. We shoot in RAW and you'll get the edited jpgs, which means the images will be very high quality. Within the editing we will do some black and white (but don’t worry you get the colour image as well!) and some with other effects (sepia, cross processing etc.) We also do a few ‘special effects’ on request and depending on the edit, an additional cost.
You can also print from your USB! We don’t resize the images or put a logo on them. They are your wedding photos after all!

Do you include the RAW files on the USB/disc?
We don’t include the RAW files for three main reasons. One because we would need 20 USBs or so as the image files are so big and we take so many images on the day. Two because most people won’t ever need them or know how to process them. And three because we give all the jpgs on the wedding disc. The RAWs are owned by the photographer. We are proud of all our images so we keep hold of them, you would have no use for them.

What’s the limit of photographs you take?
There’s no limit. The more moments there are to shoot, the more images we take.

We will photograph all the family and guests of the wedding, the details, the flowers, groups shots, posed shots, ceremony, confetti and anything else you might do!

How long will you be with us for on our big day?
10-12 Hours, depending on your timings! We'll discuss it all beforehand.

How many photographers will be there?
Two photographers, one main photographer and one assistant. Unless you have specified to have a third photographer. This means we can capture more candid moments and the other angle to everything but this depends on availability and costs extra.

How long will the photos of me and my partner last on our wedding day?
It can be as long as you like. If you’d like a leisurely stroll around the wedding venue that’s fine with us! If you would like to split up the photo shoot in the day this is also no problem. Some people like two or three 10 minute shoots at different times of the day with different lighting. You may not want any posed photos at all! What ever you want, discuss it with us and we’ll tell you what we can do.

Our Wedding Location isn’t particularly scenic. Are you able to travel to a separate location for a photo shoot in-between the ceremony and reception?
Yes this is no problem. This depends on your wedding transport. are happy to travel to multiple locations.

What is your style?
It's hard to define what we are as we're so flexible. We are creative and artistic. We like to document the day with interesting compositions and angles creating the perfect story of your wedding day. This is not just for you but for future generations and any friends and family who can't make it to the wedding. They will be able to see your photos are really get a sense of the day. We capture the emotions and the excitement of your big day in beautiful images. When it comes to the Couple Photos the style is down to you! It's your personality we're capturing, that's why an engagement photo shoot is so important. We will guide you in the posed photos but we like to keep them as natural as possible and let you be you.

Are you insured?
Yes we have full public liability and indemnity insurance with a specialised photographers insurance company.

Do you travel abroad to do weddings?
Yes. We would love to build our abroad weddings portfolio. In some abroad wedding packages the wedding photographer’s style is very cheesy and you won’t meet them until your wedding day, so we would love to create beautiful destination wedding images for you.

Do you do albums?
Yes, come see us in our studio in Milton Keynes to view them. These are optional extras as we include the USB with each package and you may wish to create your own album. We use GraphiStudio Albums which are extremely high quality hand made italian albums.

Our wedding is between Monday and Thursday, is there a discount?
Yes. We give a discount to midweek weddings. Contact us for more information.

Are you a member of any guild?

Laura has joined the Guid of Photographers. This is for a community of photographers, workshops, advice, extra insurance and the odd occasional competition. To join you need to pass, so you have to be a legitimate professional photographer and have insurance. As photography is an unregulated industry, choosing a member of the guild helps you trust your photographer a bit more.

For 4 years in a row we have won The wedding industry experts award: 'Best photographers in Milton Keynes' voted for by the people of Milton Keynes (so thanks everyone!)

And recently, Laura won 1st Place in "Imaginative Fashion Photography" with Miss Aniela on Creative Live. Miss Aniela is a world known fashion art photographer, sponsored by Nikon. Her work is a huge influence to Laura's work.

We've also had our images published in multiple magazines.

What happens if you're ill on my wedding day?
If something happens where we really cannot photograph your wedding then we will always have backup. This will be another member of the team or we have a circle of photographers we train with and we'll always jump in where needed. So you don't have to worry. It will either be an additional photographer or a replacement.

How do we book?
Call or email! The deposit is £250 which books the day for you.


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